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Rosa Gamazo is a journalist based in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Madrid, the capital of Spain, a city with boundless culture, fabled architecture filled with treasures and history— a city that beckons one to find their inner passion. With hidden gardens, ancient buildings, tucked-away cafés, gorgeous markets, passionate, sophisticated and devoted to living the good life, in a country more diverse than one could ever imagined it is no wonder Rosa became a journalist and a connoisseur of splendor.

Until recently she has mainly focused on entertainment news having interviewed over 1000 international celebrities for major TV Stations and publications all over the planet. Her work is known in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and The Netherlands among other countries.

As a young girl growing up in Spain, Rosa has had a fascination with fragrance; the aroma of chocolate reminds her of the cafés in Spain, a warm breeze blows the bouquets of fresh flowers, and she is instantly transported to the first days of spring, hints of a storm that touch her very soul while walking down a street inhaling the smell of wet soil, the scent of a sunrise, as the birds sing, fresh home baked bread, and clean linens are just some of the scents that delights Rosa and brings her to a perfect eternal moment of blissfulness.

Rosa also has a passion for animals from a young age. She loves their compassion and love that is unconditional. “If by any chance my Siamese cat was close enough to smell him (he always smelled like fresh soap) the moment was almost impossible to top. The combination of petting the soft fur of my cat mixed with any of those scents was everything I could ask for.”

Like most of us, Rosa’s mother was instrumental on her journey with R Perfum. Rosa’s mom is a pharmacist who worked in the cosmetic industry.  As a child, Rosa’s mom would bring home a variety of products for her and Rosa would spend hours and hours admiring and analyzing the variety of scents that helped refine her sense of smell and increase her passion for the art of fragrance.  

For Rosa the fragrances her mother brought home seem to combine a perfect blend of nature’s gifts. “The one thing I am certain of is scents should represent elegance, simplicity with a touch of sophistication.”

Some of the most important moments in her life are connected to fragrance. Her first trip to Italy where the silky smell of freshly pressed coffee was enough to tell you exactly where you were. Paris and the intoxicating smell of fresh bread that created an instant moment of happiness is just a couple of examples where the sense of smell left a lasting impression.

As a journalist, before each interview Rosa would take a moment and imagine what kind of scent she would pair with the celebrity she would be interviewing, even before exchanging a word.

“This passion of mine for scents has taken me to create R Perfume, I try to mix what I consider is the most important in a well balance fragrance: cleanness, sensuality and subtlety.”

Rosa remains a passionate animal-lover and animal and human rights advocate as well as an ardent supporter of environmental causes. R Perfume is a cruelty free product.  “I believe animals should be loved and cherished not tested on!”