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R Perfume is a combination of Rosa’s favorite smells, a concoction that brings up sensuality and elegance. A simple mixture of mesmerizing organic essential oils that will get you hooked immediately.

R Perfume oil is the perfect alternative for those who love perfume but dislike the drying effect of alcohol. The carrier base is made of jojoba oil which contains emollient properties. This perfume oil does not contain parabens, and most importantly is cruelty-free.

This perfume is handcrafted to perfection for your enjoyment.

Presented in two different fragrances Ylang Ylang Breeze (Black label) and Jasmine Bliss (White label). This addictive blend of scents will allure your senses. Use it on your hair, pulse points and body.

R Perfume is designed for the modern, independent, sexy woman of the 21st century.